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Highway Shoes

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Have you ever driven past a shoe on the highway and wondered how it got there?
I mean really, who loses a shoe?
Is it an act of road rage, someone cuts you off so you take off a shoe and throw it at their car?
I drive all over Ontario, from Ottawa, Trenton and Toronto to Barrie, Guelph and Waterloo. Being on the road so much, I started to notice shoes on the highway, which lead me to create this website.

This website is designed to reconnect those people who have lost their beloved shoes on the highway or for people wanting to adopt a pair of unclaimed shoes from who those who no longer wanted their shoes and kicked them to the curb.


Slow down!

Next time you are driving and you see a lost shoe, take a picture and send it to me, I love to receive pictures of shoes needing a new home, I will post them into my "Shoes for adoption" page, You can view pictures of shoes that need adopting there.  

If you would like to E-mail a friend this site, click here.

Highway Shoes